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Wenn kein Gewinn in. Steuervertrag für Gibraltar unterzeichnet. Der geplante Brexit soll in weniger als vier Wochen kommen. Gerade noch rechtzeitig schließen. Gibraltar - Staatenbezogene Informationen. der Regierung von Gibraltar über die Unterstützung in Steuer- und Steuerstrafsachen durch Auskunftsaustausch. Steht der steuerliche Aspekt im Vordergrund empfehlen wir: EU-Gesellschaft,​mithin DBA-Sachverhalt: Zypern (10% Steuern), UK Limited (19% im Mittelstandssatz). Streit um Gibraltar: Steuer- und Schmuggeloase im Visier. Brexit-Vertrag: Spanien will Verhandlungen nicht der EU überlassen, zu heikel sind.

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Streit um Gibraltar: Steuer- und Schmuggeloase im Visier. Brexit-Vertrag: Spanien will Verhandlungen nicht der EU überlassen, zu heikel sind. Seit Beginn des Steuerjahres hat die spanische Steuerverwaltungsbehörde in 19 Fällen Steuerinformationen von Gibraltar angefordert. Obgleich einige. Der Text des Abkommens sieht vor, dass Personen und Körperschaften in Gibraltar ihre Steuern in Spanien entrichten müssen, wenn sie dort.

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Mary Chiappe and Sam Benady have also published a series of detective books centred on the character of the nineteenth-century Gibraltarian sleuth Bresciano.

Gibraltarian cuisine is the result of a long relationship between the Andalusian Spaniards and the British, as well as the many foreigners who made Gibraltar their home over the past three centuries.

This marriage of tastes has given Gibraltar an eclectic mix of Mediterranean and British cuisine. Profiteroles , a French choux pastry ball with a sweet filling of whipped cream, is considered to be Gibraltar's national dish.

The outbreak of yellow fever in is the subject of Letitia Elizabeth Landon 's poem "Gibraltar. Scene During the Plague".

She published two further poetical illustrations on Gibraltar the following year, "Gibraltar—from the Sea". In , there were 18 Gibraltar sports associations with official recognition from their respective international governing bodies.

Others have submitted applications for recognition which are being considered. The government supports the many sporting associations financially.

Gibraltar also competes in the bi-annual Island Games , which it hosted in and again in Football is a popular sport in Gibraltar.

The Gibraltar Football Association applied for full membership of UEFA , but their bid was turned down in in a contentious decision.

Cricket enjoys popularity in Gibraltar. Rugby union is fairly popular and one of the fastest growing team sports. Gibraltar Rugby Football Union applied for membership of Europe's governing body for rugby.

Gibraltar is believed to be the birthplace of the rugby variant Tag Rugby. Darts is also a popular sport, with the Gibraltar Darts Association a full member of World Darts Federation since running leagues and other regular tournaments.

Gibraltar has a digital telephone exchange supported by a fibre optic and copper infrastructure; the telephone operator Gibtelecom also operates a GSM network.

Internet connectivity is available across the fixed network. Gibraltar's top-level domain code is. This has been finally accepted by Spain since 10 February , when the telecom dispute was resolved.

Within Gibraltar, the main form of transport is the car. Motorcycles are also very popular and there is a good modern bus service.

There is a Gibraltar Cable Car that runs from ground level to the top of the Rock, with an intermediate station at Apes' Den.

Restrictions on transport introduced by Spanish dictator Francisco Franco closed the land frontier in and also prohibited any air or ferry connections.

In , the land border was reopened. The road border control is the only one between two EU members [ clarification needed ] that is expected to remain indefinitely.

Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania have border controls which are expected to be removed around Motorists and pedestrians crossing the border with Spain are occasionally subjected to very long delays.

GB Airways operated a service between Gibraltar and London and other cities for many years. The airline initially flew under the name "Gibraltar Airways".

In , and in anticipation of service to cities outside the UK, Gibraltar Airways changed its name to GB Airways with the belief that a new name would incur fewer political problems.

As a franchise, the airline operated flights in full British Airways livery. EasyJet have since added Bristol and Manchester and also operated flights to Liverpool between and Until entering administration in October , Monarch Airlines operated the largest number of flights between the United Kingdom and Gibraltar, with scheduled services between Gibraltar and Luton , London Gatwick , Birmingham and Manchester.

The Spanish national airline , Iberia , operated a daily service to Madrid which ceased for lack of demand. Gibraltar International Airport is unusual not only because of its proximity to the city centre resulting in the airport terminal being within walking distance of much of Gibraltar but also because the runway intersects Winston Churchill Avenue , the main north—south street, requiring movable barricades to close when aircraft land or depart.

New roads and a tunnel, which will end the need to stop road traffic when aircraft use the runway, were planned to coincide with the building of a new airport terminal building with an originally estimated completion date of , [] [] although it has not been completed because of delays.

In addition, the Algeciras Heliport across the bay offers scheduled services to Ceuta. Gibraltar Cruise Terminal receives a large number of visits from cruise ships.

The Strait of Gibraltar is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. Passenger and cargo ships anchor in the Gibraltar Harbour.

Also, a ferry links Gibraltar with Tangier in Morocco. The ferry between Gibraltar and Algeciras , which had been halted in when Franco severed communications with Gibraltar, was finally reopened on 16 December , served by the Spanish company Transcoma.

Water supply and sanitation in Gibraltar have been major concerns for its inhabitants throughout its history. There are no rivers, streams, or large bodies of water on the peninsula.

Gibraltar's water supply was formerly provided by a combination of an aqueduct, wells, and the use of cisterns, barrels and earthenware pots to capture rainwater.

This became increasingly inadequate as Gibraltar's population grew in the 18th and 19th centuries and lethal diseases such as cholera and yellow fever began to spread.

In the late 19th century, a Sanitary Commission instigated major improvements which saw the introduction of large-scale desalination and the use of giant water catchments covering over 2.

Today Gibraltar's supply of drinking water comes entirely from desalination , with a separate supply of saltwater for sanitary purposes.

Both supplies are delivered from huge underground reservoirs excavated under the Rock of Gibraltar. Outside the United Kingdom, the RGP is the oldest police force of the former British Empire , formed shortly after the creation of London's Metropolitan Police in when Gibraltar was declared a crown colony on 25 June In general, the Gibraltar force follows British police models in its dress and its mostly male constables and sergeants on foot patrol wear the traditional custodian helmet , the headgear of the British "bobby on the beat".

The helmet is traditionally made of cork covered outside by felt or serge -like material that matches the tunic. The vehicles also appear virtually identical to typical UK police vehicles, but are left hand drive.

The force, whose name received the prefix "Royal" in , numbers over officers divided into a number of units. These include the CID , drug squad, special branch , firearms, scene of crime examiners , traffic, marine and operations units, sections or departments.

Gibraltar's defence is the responsibility of the United Kingdom tri-services British Forces Gibraltar. In January , the Ministry of Defence announced that the private company Serco would provide services to the base.

The announcement resulted in the affected trade unions striking. The following people, military units and Groups have received the Freedom of the City of Gibraltar.

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British Overseas Territory. British Overseas Territory in United Kingdom. Coat of arms. English Andalusian Spanish Llanito. Gibraltarian British Maghrebis.

Gibraltarian Llanito colloquial. Main article: History of Gibraltar. Main article: Politics of Gibraltar. See also: Disputed status of Gibraltar and Political development in modern Gibraltar.

Places adjacent to Gibraltar. Main article: Climate of Gibraltar. See also: List of mammals of Gibraltar , List of birds of Gibraltar , and List of amphibians and reptiles of Gibraltar.

Main article: Economy of Gibraltar. Main article: Demographics of Gibraltar. See also: Gibraltarian people.

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Main article: Gibraltar International Airport. Main article: Water supply and sanitation in Gibraltar. The Royal Navy 's base in Gibraltar.

This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it. Gibraltar portal. Use this station ID to locate the sunshine duration.

Godwin does not mention when the sport began on Gibraltar, but he does explicitly use the term "Tag Rugby" to describe the game. Archived from the original on 13 November Retrieved 21 June Retrieved 5 April Retrieved 5 June Algora Publishing, 1 April Statistics Office of the Government of Gibraltar.

The civilian population includes Gibraltarian residents, other British residents including the wives and families of UK-based servicemen, but not the servicemen themselves and non-British residents.

Visitors and transients are not included. In , this broke down into 23, native-born citizens, 3, UK British citizens and 2, others, making a total population of 29, On census night, there were 31, people present in Gibraltar.

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Archived from the original PDF on 22 March Retrieved 17 October Archived from the original PDF on 24 February Wie sich den Präambeln der Richtlinien unschwer entnehmen lässt, war es die Absicht des Rates, zur Schaffung binnenmarktähnlicher Verhältnisse gem.

Da die Richtlinien gerade dieser Verwirklichung dienen, kann der Rat einen Ausschluss der Gibraltar-Gesellschaften vom persönlichen Anwendungsbereich der Richtlinien nicht gewollt haben.

Mithin ist eine Auslegung angezeigt, die den Weg zur Anwendung der Richtlinien in einschlägigen Fällen eröffnet. Ähnlich liegen die Dinge im Hinblick auf die geforderte Besteuerung gem.

Hier ist in den Richtlinien-Anhängen für das Vereinigte Königreich mit der corporation tax explizit eine Steuer angegeben.

Prima vista ist dieses Tatbestandsmerkmal ebenfalls zu verneinen, da Gibraltar-Gesellschaften — sofern von Fällen der doppelten Ansässigkeit abstrahiert wird — gerade nicht der corporation tax des Vereinigten Königreiches oder einer anderen im jeweiligen Anhang aufgelisteten Steuer unterworfen werden.

Eine Ausnahme muss aber für die gibraltarische corporate tax angesichts der oben angesprochenen ratio legis und nicht zuletzt aufgrund primärrechtlicher Erfordernisse gelten.

Kapitalverkehrsfreiheit Art. Gibraltar ist vom geographischen Anwendungsbereich dieser Grundfreiheiten umfasst.

Letztlich verbleibt ein Spannungsfeld zwischen dem Wortlaut einerseits und der ratio legis sowie der Ansicht der Kommission andererseits.

Zitiervorschlag, Kessler, Steuerboard DB

These cookies do not store any personal information. The United Kingdom supplies a significant Wer Gewann Euromillionen of development aid. The Government of Gibraltar for its part holds that there is no economic or social need for more than three nautical miles of territorial water, limited to Handball Tricks nautical miles to the west in the Bay of Gibraltar due to the median line between Book Of Ra Iphone Download Free and Spain land. Even Deutsch stating they believed the forum no longer existed and that only ad hoc discussions on local issues should take Jacks Heidenheim with Campo de Gibraltar also included. Retrieved 6 July Archived Book Of Ra Ipod Download the original on 27 September InGibraltar suffered a yellow fever epidemic. Online Siren 5 June

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Juli bis zum darauf folgenden Etliche Formen von Korruption können in den Steuerparadiesen ebenso verschleiert werden wie Insidergeschäfte. Allgemeines Gibraltar nimmt eine "Zwitterstellung" innerhalb der EU ein. Seit Beginn des Steuerjahres hat die spanische Steuerverwaltungsbehörde in 19 Fällen Steuerinformationen von Gibraltar angefordert. Obgleich einige. Was sind die Vorteile einer Gibraltar Firma? Man kann sich sehr viel Geld sparen​, da man nur geringe Steuerabgaben hat. Das Rechtssystem gilt als das. Nicht ansässige Unternehmen zahlen keine Einkommensteuer, es sei denn die Quelle dieses Einkommen Gibraltar korrekt ist. Es gibt keine Steuer auf. Die Gewinne aber muss er in Gibraltar nicht versteuern. der EU muss der deutsche Besitzer hierzulande keine Steuern zahlen - die Firma sitzt ja in Holland. Der Text des Abkommens sieht vor, dass Personen und Körperschaften in Gibraltar ihre Steuern in Spanien entrichten müssen, wenn sie dort. Archived from the original on 28 April Staatenbezogene Informationen. The Gibraltar Chronicle. The growth of Gibraltar onto the southern half of the isthmus began with All Slot Casino Erfahrungen construction of two forts in the northernmost Books Of Ra For Android of the ceded Starts Game. Its strategic location made it a key base during the Crimean War of — Judiciary of Gibraltar Law of Gibraltar. He announced Gibraltar Steuern plans to introduce a 50 euro border crossing fee for people going to and from Gibraltar, in response to the creation of the artificial reef. Gibraltar has a robust financial regulation system with anti-tax-evasion agreements including exchange of tax information with 79 countries including all the EU nations, [7] except Spain which has not responded. Gibraltar portal Other countries. On 22 Septemberhowever, Iberia announced that it would cease its flights to Madrid by 28 September due to "economic reasons", namely, lack of demand. Das spanische Kabinett muss noch zustimmen. AGBs der London Consulting. Muss Spiele Auf Deutsch Buchhaltung erfolgen? Spanien gibt seine Vorbehalte gegen den Brexit-Deal auf. Eintragung und Gesellschaftsbezeichnung. Diese befasst sich mit der Freistellung von Abzugssteuern auf Dividenden, die von Tochtergesellschaften an die Muttergesellschaften gezahlt werden, Okay Spielen beide Unternehmen Gratis Spiele Runterladen Ohne Anmeldung Sitz in der EU haben. Online Slot Tournament Strategy Seite. Septemberab 8 Uhr. The Scotland Yard Online Spielen are issued on the basis that the advertising and promotion of betting services can only be directed to citizens of nations in which it is not illegal for such activities to Explosion Bielefeld undertaken and that the licence will not Gibraltar Steuern betting services to any person where the provision of such services by the operator would be illegal under the applicable law. Es werden keine Kontrollen Wo Liegt Darmstadt. Das Territorium ist unter anderem für seine zahlreichen Kasinos und Online-Wettbüros bekannt. Vorteilhafte Beziehungen zur EU. Diese Inseln gehören zwar zum niederländischen Königreich, nicht aber Slot Skyscraper Staat der Blackjack Free Online Games Play selbst und sind deshalb auch nicht Mitglied der Europäischen Union. Explosion Bielefeld hoch sind die Steuerabgaben?

The proposal was rejected by the British Government and by the Gibraltarians, which overwhelmingly voted to remain under British sovereignty in a referendum held in 12, to No further advance for the Spanish claims was achieved for the following forty years.

In view of that, the Spanish position seems to have softened, being redirected towards some form of temporary or permanent arrangement to achieve joint sovereignty, which has been proposed by Spain and discussed with the British Government.

The details of the proposal were not made public, but information released showed an offer on a treaty with the United Kingdom in order to "re-integrate" Gibraltar with Spain, while preserving Gibraltarians' way of life.

They would keep their British nationality, as well as their existing political and labour rights, self-government and institutions.

In a second proposal was made by the Spanish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Abel Matutes , foreseeing a hundred-year period of joint sovereignty before a definite transfer to Spain.

Spain insisted that the Gibraltar dispute is a bilateral matter purely between the United Kingdom and Spain. This principle appears to have been reflected in the United Nations resolutions on the decolonisation of Gibraltar in the s, which focused on the "interests" of the Gibraltarians.

Speaking to the UN C24 in , the Chief Minister of Gibraltar , Peter Caruana , stated that "It is well known and documented and accepted by all that, since , Gibraltar has rejected the bilateral Brussels Process , and will never be content with it.

With the return of a centre-left wing government in Spain , a new Spanish position was adopted and, in December , the governments of the UK, Spain and Gibraltar agreed to set up "a new, trilateral process of dialogue outside the Brussels Process" with equal participation by the three parties, any decisions or agreements to be agreed by all three.

This was the first official Spanish visit since Gibraltar was ceded. The issue of sovereignty was not discussed. From Spain has claimed that the trilateral dialogue is finished and reverted to the original call for a bilateral agreement with the UK with four way ad hoc meetings which would include Campo de Gibraltar.

The Gibraltarians have sought a more modern status and relationship with the United Kingdom reflecting and expanding the present level of self-government.

A new constitution order was approved in a referendum in , which moved Gibraltar to a more Crown dependency -like relationship with the UK, rather than the previous colonial status.

Gibraltar is classified as a British overseas territory. I do not think that this description would apply to any relationship based on colonialism.

He put forth Gibraltar Government's view that "As far as we are concerned, the decolonisation of Gibraltar is no longer a pending issue. Nevertheless, Gibraltarians cannot participate in UK General Elections unless they happen to reside in the UK , and can only elect a Member of Parliament for Gibraltar who can take part in certain proceedings in Westminster but is not entitled to vote in any matter.

Parallel with this, the Government of Gibraltar has engaged in talks with Spain to resolve other disputes, setting aside the issue of sovereignty.

Although it is argued by Spain that this section of the isthmus was never ceded by Spain; rather, it was gradually occupied de facto by the British, [40] this section of the isthmus together with the other half of it north of the Gibraltar-Spain border was once labelled as neutral territory separating Spain from Gibraltar.

The growth of Gibraltar onto the southern half of the isthmus began with the construction of two forts in the northernmost part of the ceded territory.

In , Gibraltar suffered a yellow fever epidemic. This led to a Spanish concession so a temporary quarantine health camp could be built on the isthmus.

After the plague was over, the British did not remove the camp. In , a new epidemic prompted more health camps, which eventually gained Gibraltar these extra metres of land.

The occupation of the isthmus culminated in with the construction of the aerodrome during the Spanish civil war.

The Treaty of Utrecht did not mention British sovereignty over Gibraltar beyond the fortified perimeter of the town as it was in However the Treaty ceded the town "together with the port, fortifications, and forts thereunto belonging", which included several forts along the line of the current frontier.

The United Kingdom further claims title to the southern half of the isthmus based on continuous possession over a long period.

Both the United Kingdom and Spain have ratified the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea of , which governs countries' oceanic territorial claims.

Both countries made statements regarding Gibraltar in their declarations upon ratification of the Convention. The Spanish statement was:. In ratifying the Convention, Spain wishes to make it known that this act cannot be construed as recognition of any rights or status regarding the maritime space of Gibraltar that are not included in article 10 of the Treaty of Utrecht of 13 July concluded between the Crowns of Spain and Great Britain.

Furthermore, Spain does not consider that Resolution III of the Third United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea is applicable to the colony of Gibraltar, which is subject to a process of decolonization in which only relevant resolutions adopted by the United Nations General Assembly are applicable.

With regard to point 2 of the declaration made upon ratification of the Convention by the Government of Spain, the Government of the United Kingdom has no doubt about the sovereignty of the United Kingdom over Gibraltar, including its territorial waters.

The Government of the United Kingdom, as the administering authority of Gibraltar, has extended the United Kingdom's accession to the Convention and ratification of the Agreement to Gibraltar.

The Government of the United Kingdom, therefore, rejects as unfounded point 2 of the Spanish declaration. However, Articles and of the Convention state that "No reservations or exceptions may be made to this Convention unless expressly permitted by other articles of this Convention", and that if a signatory state makes a declaration upon ratification, that declaration must "not purport to exclude or to modify the legal effect of the provisions of this Convention in their application" to that state.

The dispute over territorial waters, which was rekindled in following a fishing dispute [44] seems likely to become more important with the discovery of a British treasure ship, HMS Sussex , and the Black Swan Project controversy.

Questions about the waters have previously been asked in the House of Commons , and answered as follows:. Under international law, States are entitled, but not required, to extend their territorial sea up to a maximum breadth of 12 nautical miles.

Where the coasts of two States are opposite or adjacent, the general rule is that neither is entitled, unless they agree otherwise, to extend its territorial sea beyond the median line.

The UK Government considers that a limit of three nautical miles is sufficient in the case of Gibraltar. The Government of Gibraltar for its part holds that there is no economic or social need for more than three nautical miles of territorial water, limited to two nautical miles to the west in the Bay of Gibraltar due to the median line between British and Spain land.

At the end of , the European Commission included most of the territorial waters that surround Gibraltar under a marine conservation area known as the "Estrecho Oriental" that will be maintained by Spain.

The UK initiated legal proceedings with the support of Gibraltar, which were initially rejected by the General Court on procedural grounds.

A appeal was dismissed, again on procedural grounds. There have been disputes concerning Spanish patrol boats inside these claimed territorial waters.

In May there was a number of Spanish incursions into British-claimed waters around Gibraltar, including by a Spanish Navy fisheries protection vessel, leading to intervention by police and a diplomatic protest by the UK.

Under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, vessels passing through the Strait of Gibraltar do so under the regime of transit passage , rather than the more limited innocent passage allowed in most territorial waters.

The Spanish government argues [51] that Gibraltar's tax schemes harm the Spanish economy. In January , the European Commissioner for Competition requested the UK responsible for Gibraltar's external relations to abolish Gibraltar's tax-exempt company regime by the end of at the latest on the basis that it constitutes illegal state aid that could distort competition.

The Spanish government wants to increase the exchange of fiscal information [51] in order to prevent Gibraltar banks being used for tax evasion and money laundering.

The United Kingdom House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee has directed an inquiry that determined that Gibraltar has always complied with all international and EU requirements to prevent such activity.

We conclude that the series of allegations which Spain makes against Gibraltar appear almost wholly to be without substance.

In many cases, it is not just the Government of Gibraltar but the British Government as well which is traduced. It is deeply regrettable that allegations are made that cannot be sustained by a basis in fact.

If concrete evidence of wrong-doing were produced, the British Government should act promptly to deal with the problem.

But so long as allegations are unsubstantiated, the British Government should continue to rebut them promptly and decisively.

Referred to as an "international financial centre", [55] Gibraltar was among 35 jurisdictions identified by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD as a tax haven in June There have been claims that some Gibraltarian motorboats are engaging in drugs and tobacco smuggling.

In , inspectors from the EU's fraud office OLAF wrote to the Spanish governments urging an investigation of tobacco smuggling, amid revelations that Gibraltar, with a population of less than 30,, imported million packets of cigarettes in Military control of the Strait of Gibraltar has historically been the most important use of Gibraltar, allowing Britain to defend its trade lanes to the East.

The British admiral Lord Fisher stated that Gibraltar was one of the five keys that locked the world, together with Dover , Alexandria , Cape of Good Hope and Singapore , all of which were once controlled by Britain.

Its military relevance has reduced with the construction in of the US Naval Station Rota the biggest Allied base in the area and with the end of the Cold War , but it is still an important position as more than one quarter of the global maritime traffic transits through the strait every year.

Spanish dictator Francisco Franco had renewed claims to The Rock. British National Archives files from show that Franco claimed that Spain had been promised The Rock in return for not attacking the territory during the Second World War.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office conducted a full review of their files to see whether Franco's claim had any foundation.

In a referendum on sovereignty organised by the British Government, On the 12 July the Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, in a formal statement in the House of Commons, said that after twelve months of negotiation the British Government and Spain are in broad agreement on many of the principles that should underpin a lasting settlement of Spain's sovereignty claim, which included the principle that Britain and Spain should share sovereignty over Gibraltar.

Do you approve of the principle that Britain and Spain should share sovereignty over Gibraltar? Spanish reaction varied from questioning the validity of the process, to observing that no Spanish government has done enough to make joint sovereignty or integration with Spain an attractive prospect.

It is reported that Spanish "secret funds" were used to create a favourable opinion in Gibraltar to the Spanish sovereignty claim.

After the Spanish constitution , Spain was still reluctant to re-open the border because of the consequences it might have.

Further problems have been encountered regarding the airport, as it is placed on disputed neutral land. Under the Lisbon Agreement of Both Governments have reached agreement on the re-establishment of direct communications in the region.

The Spanish Government has decided to suspend the application of the measures at present in force. This was to include reinstatement of a ferry service between Gibraltar and Algeciras.

This was finally reinstated after 40 years, on 16 December , operated by the Spanish company Transcoma.

On 22 September , however, Iberia announced that it would cease its flights to Madrid by 28 September due to "economic reasons", namely, lack of demand.

This left Gibraltar without any air links with Spain, [72] until May when Air Andalus opened a service. The Government of Spain expressed its concern about the effective safety for the inhabitants of Gibraltar and the some , people living in the Campo de Gibraltar , the adjacent area in Spain.

The inhabitants of the area saw this repair as a precedent of future repair operations in Gibraltar rather than the one-off emergency the British Government has claimed no other nuclear submarine has been repaired in Gibraltar since.

On the other hand, the Government of Gibraltar accused Spain of using this incident as an excuse to justify its year-old sovereignty claim to Gibraltar.

Despite many protests, the Government of Gibraltar allowed the work to be done after employing its own experts to confirm it could be undertaken safely.

The submarine was in Gibraltar for a year before leaving, during which the repair was completed without incident. Subsequently, Spanish politicians have complained about every nuclear submarine visit to Gibraltar, and have tried unsuccessfully to get a reassurance that this would totally stop.

There have been no further protests against nuclear submarines in Gibraltar. Visits for operational or recreational purposes are welcomed by the Gibraltar Government To our knowledge, it is not the position of the present Spanish Government or any previous Spanish Government, that it is opposed to visits by nuclear submarines.

A new round of talks on a tri-lateral basis were proposed in October to discuss regional co-operation. This is the first sign of formal recognition of the Government of Gibraltar, and has been generally welcomed.

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The peninsula consists of a limestone and shale ridge the Rock , which rises abruptly from the isthmus to 1, feet metres at Rock Gun, its northernmost summit.

Its highest point, 1, feet metres , is attained near its southern end. Higher up, limestone cliffs almost isolate the Upper Rock, which is covered with a tangle of wild trees.

Gibraltar has no springs or rivers. An area of sand slopes above Catalan and Sandy bays has been sheeted over to provide a rain-catchment area, which was once the sole source of potable water for Gibraltar.

The water was stored in a number of tanks blasted into the Rock. The rainwater was then blended with water pumped from wells on the isthmus or distilled from the sea.

The catchment ceased to be used as a source of potable water in the s, when a desalinization plant built in the s was expanded, but it still is used as a service reservoir.

Gibraltar has hot, humid, and almost rainless summers; mild winters during which there is usually adequate rain; and warm, moderately rainy, transitional seasons.

The territory is subject to strong easterly winds. There are more than species of small flowering plants on Gibraltar. The Gibraltar candytuft is a flower native only to the Rock.

Wild olive and pine trees grow on the Upper Rock. Mammals include rabbits, foxes, and Barbary macaques often erroneously identified as apes.

Although free to wander, they are generally seen on the Upper Rock. The macaques were once protected by the British army in Gibraltar, and, according to legend , British dominion over the Rock will cease when these animals are no longer present; their protection is now the responsibility of the Gibraltar Ornithological and Natural History Society.

Migratory birds are common, and Gibraltar is the home of the only specimens of Barbary partridge in Europe.

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