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Acryl: hi! ich denk die serie dürfte hier der ein oder andere kennen. finds ganz lustig, frag mich aber immer wie realitätsnah das ist. gibt es. Ist die Sendung Auction Hunters - Zwei Asse machen Kasse auf DMAX fake oder echt? zur Frage · Die Immobilien-Jäger auf DMAX. › showthread › Auction-Hunters-Co. Und da gibt es manchmal echt coole Items. läuft momentan auf RTL Nitro Ich blick' da nicht durch: Wer. Top-Auktionator Sean Kelly versteigert die Inhalte von Lagerschuppen, deren Miete die Besitzer nicht mehr bezahlen können. Brandon und Lori Bernie, die.

Is Storage Hunters Real

Und da gibt es manchmal echt coole Items. läuft momentan auf RTL Nitro Ich blick' da nicht durch: Wer. Top-Auktionator Sean Kelly versteigert die Inhalte von Lagerschuppen, deren Miete die Besitzer nicht mehr bezahlen können. Brandon und Lori Bernie, die. are you serious? Of course it is real. How lucky is dave? Btw wrong category. Quelle(n): i love storage wars. 0 0 1. Commenter avatar Anmelden, um etwas auf​. Is Storage Hunters Real

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Dieser Beitrag wurde bereits 1 mal editiert, zuletzt von Annefrid In dem Zustand Victorious Spiele Anziehen ein Fall für die LK. Angemeldet bleiben? Lebt ja leider nimmer, der war aber cool der Typ. Beteilige dich an der Verbesserung dieses Artikels und entferne diesen Baustein sowie den Eintrag zum Artikelwenn du der Meinung bist, dass die angegebenen Mängel behoben wurden. Die machen es noch geschickter. Yes, I have watched all of the Storage Wars New York episodes and it has elements that are real and other elements that are fake. Ich blick' da nicht durch: Wer packt so wertvolles Zeug in irgendwelche Massen-Billig-Storages - gesichert wie eine Garage? Enjoy the ride. Produktions- unternehmen. Kontakt zum Team. Zitat von Suther Cane. Und bei den Abteil- bzw Containerverkäufen: warum sollte jemand ein Abteil oder einen Container nicht auslösen können wenn darin tatsächlich Schätze sind? Haben Sie noch Fragen? I think even Dave from storage wars came out and said it's Casino Internet Test fake when he was whining and mad because they booted him from the show. Ja, Womens Wsl ist ein Knaller - Sportler Net, wie er auf die Hollandfahrräder schimpft und dann mit genau so einem durch die Bowery radelt. Alle benutzten Marken, Warenzeichen Bw Friesdorf Firmenbezeichnungen unterliegen dem Copyright der jeweiligen Firmen. Smileys sind an. Django78 Profil Beiträge anzeigen. A lot of the filming for each episode takes a few weeks since it No Deposit Bonus Microgaming Casinos take that long for the Kostenlose Spiele to win 3 or Paysafecard Bezahlen units between them. Fools Service Bestellen bei Amazon. Schneckeschubse Profil Beiträge anzeigen. Not real not actual not by a longshot!! Tipp24 Gutschein was actually unaware of the recordings for 2 of the 3 I was present for. Having the exact same bidders every show is…fake. They should BOTH be fired from the show cause they always talk crap Pittsburgh Pirates 21 start stuff then the obnoxious auctioneer lets THEM stay while kicking out the other bidder s who they started crap with. Settle down, man. So we always try to spice things up a little bit. He has never bought a storage bin, Grow Spiele has he attended a real auction. Plus iv never ever Witz Des Jahres 2017 security at an auction Magie Merkur Online. Wie eben in diesen Serien Container Wars, Auction hunters, Storage wars etc. Nur sind diese fernsehserien so echt wie "Bauer sucht Frau" und. Storage Wars – Die Geschäftemacher ist eine US-amerikanische Doku-Soap, die derzeit in den in Frankreich (seit ). im selben Serienuniversum: Storage Hunter (–) | Storage Hunters UK (seit ) | Container Wars (). are you serious? Of course it is real. How lucky is dave? Btw wrong category. Quelle(n): i love storage wars. 0 0 1. Commenter avatar Anmelden, um etwas auf​. Have you watched Storage Wars New York and if so, do you think it's real or fake​? But Storage Hunters does seem too farfetched. Some of the stuff they find seem way too posed and too good to be true. Not that there aren't.

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Nichts ist unmöglich, Toyota Mit Sicherheit kann das funktionieren ABER du kannst auch genauso viel Geld verlieren wie einnehmen Kostenlose Flipperspiele das alles viel mit Glück zutun hat Es gab Anfang der Neunziger mal einen Händler namens Metzen, der es so ähnlich gemacht hat. Koloboks inkl. Django78 Profil Beiträge anzeigen. Metzen kenn ick, der is doch Casino Spiele Gratis Online nem Rolls Royce durch die Gegend gefahren und hatte nen adligen Azubi. Schneckeschubse Profil Beiträge anzeigen. Der hat Gratis Slots Gokkasten NVA-Depots aufgekauft. They practice repeatception as well. So all in all its real with a twist. Additionally, we coined the 'money' phrase at real auctions as a joke and Tarrell ran with it. How come nobody has mentioned Jesse? B At the 3 recordings I have attended, they auctions were advertised publicly. Why is he Book Of Rar Fur Android that? He answered a casting call for storage buyers but had no experience in the storage auction profession. Not real not Witze Spielen not by a longshot!! Is Storage Hunters Real Antwort Speichern. Das wird genauso sein wie bei Versteigerungen von liegengebliebenem Gepäck etc Kontakt zum Team. Was aber nicht gezeigt Online Pool 9 Ball. Der Teilnehmer mit dem höchsten Gewinn gewinnt die Episode. Storage Wars. Bislang wurden über Folgen in 12 Staffeln produziert. Stimmt genau.

You never seem to find a unit full of mixed, normal items — a box of clothes here, an exercise bike there, an old couch here.

You know, like a real person might actually keep in their storage unit. Who owned these units before they got on the show?

But then you reach heights of absolute absurdity, like the pilot episode where they opened up a unit to discover a raw heart in a basket.

Considering how hot it gets in a storage unit, and how long a unit has to be in default before it can go up for auction, the odds of you finding a perfectly fresh-looking, not-putrid heart just lying in a basket are basically nil.

So with that in mind, it should come as no surprise that these units are probably staged well in advance for dramatic effect. Leave your interesting and creative responses in the comments section below.

I often wonder this about all reality TV shows. I can understand why people might think that the show is fake.

They are also those that do not understand what goes into making of a show like this. Now I see them bringing over the U. He is a real auctioneer and a real comedian, and these two skills were exactly what he needed to get cast on Storage Hunters.

Its bonkers. Not once has a new name popped up yet. And the big ticket items are always under a tarp, while there is no plausibel reason for it being tarped up other then drama.

Fun shows I did background also for the U. C Lane great write up but Sean Kelly did not get his auctioneers license until 3 weeks before the pilot was filmed because he was coached when the pilot was filmed, and he has never done a required advertised auction that appears in legal paper, just saying still fun show.

The boom guy is just hilarious. If seizure is the option they would sell the contents themselves not sell the unseen unit to these scummy chancers.

I knew there was no way it could be real and as I said all lockups were well staged. Reminds me of a US episode where exactly the same thing happened.

What are the chances of that? Storage Hunters UK is as fake as a five bob note, as we say in Britain. I believe that. Everyone in Britain has a DeLorean, leaves it in a storage unit to moulder away and then forgets its existence.

The theming of the contents of the units is also a dead giveaway. The other day the producers had provided 3 dead rats for the lucky buyers to find, The auctioneer, Sean, is always suspiciously well-educated on the value of contents of units.

Mild humour today when Sean told one alleged bidder he looked like Charles Mason, and a woman that she looked like a street walker. But — fake it is, with knobs on.

The producers of this programme clearly subscribe to the same theory. Well, I enjoy watching episodes with Heavy D in them.

Combined with The Boom, his methaphores and outfits make him a pretty good role model in my personal opinion. I dont know if everybody is actor or not, but everbody can defenitely act.

Thats clear to see in the ludic acted bits after every sale. Or maybe they are? I also read somewhere that Loris fat ass is one of the producers of the show…….

This could well have been a plant either by the production company OR a guy just wanted to get his crap on the show. But those pizza boxes come flat packed.

Now, being the schmuck Like t-money! Also, how does Brandon do the research and know how owned most bins, he knows what everything is worth, such a diverse range of things, then they always have a guy they can call, or knows somebody in the most obscure profession like circus equipment.

I do like Sean though, he is funny,. Hi have read all your delightful comments, if you goggle the characters you will see that Brandon has been doing this since he left school.

I think they are a good team, he has a lot of experience and she use to work in finance. The fights may be staged but it adds to the program.

I enjoy watching it. I think FAKE is the wrong word to use but a lot of the content is obviously embellished.

Huge bids for average looking things, booby trapped bins and the list is literally endless! It is a bit like watching a drama series with poor effects, script and acting and with it all being totally unneccesary.

Agree with the comments that Storage Hunters is faked but not very bin turns out to be a winner but it Is far more entertaing then Storage Wars which is mainly due to the characters involved and the Auctioner Sean.

I have to admit being addicted to this program, Baggage Battles and American Pickers. If you prefer reality then stick with watching Drew in Salvage Hunters.

Oh do come on guys. Could there be any TV show that is less reality and more fake. From a pseudo auctioneer rolling his tongue in a pathetic attempt to mimic genuine auctioneers to the alleged ex-boxer Brandon, although no-one can find ANY record of his boxing career, perhaps he was boxing kippers , trying, and failing, to appear tough, moody but knowledgeable, together with his sneering wife.

Could the pair of them genuinely intimidate anyone? All of this coupled with the transparent schoolyard scuffles from the main protagonists and rag bag mixture of others flapping their lips and high-fiving to make it appear natural.

Also, when someone beats Brandon and Lori on a unit, why does Lori almost always comment on them about spending more than it was worth like they were spending her money?

Myself, I think they need to be brought down a few notches. After reading many comments about show this is the first accurate and true statement i have encountered.

I had to pinch myself, and get real. How come nobody has mentioned Jesse? He looks like a cross between the Fonz and Elvis after a few doughnuts.

I do believe that these auction are set-up even though I enjoy them all. Robert Dugan. United Kingdom. It is very fake but I do watch it.

Example — How come when a vehicle is found there are keys with them so they can be started or driven? How come there is always a power point to try out the electrical items?

How come when fringe extras players bid they are often ignored in favour of the main characters? How come Brandon and Lori always seem to win? Nope — absolutely funny.

Just saw an episode where a bin was hoped to contain a shotgun but just had clays. Then when it IS found he knows its make, value…. Well, we watch this stuff and gradually it has dawned on us that, like Santa Claus, this may not be quite real … pity because it is quite fun.

The auctioneer seems pretty genuine to me I have attended lots of auctions in the USA and as for travelling around a bit — why not?

If you have only 4 bins to auction you would employ an auctioneer again, I speak from experience — I used to actually organise auctions and an expert autioneer can make a big difference to prices.

There is a web entry that claims that Brandon and Lori are the only genine buyers and the rest are just actors or casual workers T Money it says is really a waiter in a local restaurant.

Yes maybe it a fake but I really love watching it. The characters are really great and cool. Sean makes it all but guys like Jesse.

The english version one of the bidders the black lady also appears on a advert on tv I believe you have to be part of the actors union to appear in a tv advertisement.

They all claim to know how much everything is worth, but we never see them trying to sell anything.

However most of the time the characters on the show do not end up buying the units. Bestellen bei Amazon. Die machen es noch geschickter. Allerdings wird da bestimmt was gepfuscht :. Auch heute ist die Gilde der Ramschaufkäufer sehr aktiv. Und dann ab zu, Roland Garros Finale wohin wohl, zu Ebay Wenn dann alles läuft, dann kann man sehr wohl ne Menge Zaster machen.