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Sänger, Tänzer und andere Künstler versuchen, ihr Können vor einer Jury und dem Publikum unter Beweis zu stellen. Der Sieger der Show erhält ein Preisgeld in Höhe von Pfund und darf in der Fernsehsendung `Royal Variety Performance'. Britain's Got Talent ist eine britische Castingshow, die am 9. Juni zum ersten Mal von ITV ausgestrahlt wurde. Die Show wird von der Produktionsfirma​. Brand new Britain's Got Talent: Unseen brings you never-before-seen auditions, from magic to doggy talent! Have the best of Britain's Got Talent in the palm of your hands with the ultimate BGT app! Everything you need to enjoy the brand new series is right here. Calum Scott is a singer who made it to the Final in Series 9. He received the Golden Buzzer from.

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Tsd. Abonnenten, folgen, Beiträge - Sieh dir Instagram-Fotos und -Videos von Britain's Got Talent (@bgt) an. Britain's Got Talent - Gesamtsieger in Britains Got Talent - TV Spezialwetten​. Wetten Quoten und mehr von William Hill, dem Online Buchmacher. Große Trauer bei der Britain's Got Talent-Familie: Eines der beliebten Mitglieder der Castingshow ist ganz überraschend verstorben. Ian Royce.

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Once the vote period is ended and the results counted and fully verified, the semi-finalist with the highest total of votes is announced as the winner of the semi-final and secures their place in the final.

The second vote involves the judges and takes place after the result, in which they vote between the two semi-finalists placed 2nd and 3rd respectively in the public vote, with the participant receiving the majority vote securing their place in the finals; in the case of a tied vote, as of series 5, the semi-finalist placed 2nd in the public vote advances into the final.

In addition to these votes, semi-finalists can also secure a place in the finals if chosen as a "Wildcard" — introduced in the sixth series, the format allows the judges to choose any eliminated semi-finalist to be appointed as their Wildcard in the finals, through a private vote conducted once the semi-finals are completed; the result of this vote is announced prior to the final's broadcast.

The format was later expanded to allow for a Wildcard to be chosen by the public from any eliminated semi-finalist they liked within in the ninth and tenth series respectively, though this format was dropped before the eleventh series.

The finals operate in a similar manner to the semi-finals, though all participants in this stage compete primarily to win votes from the public with a new routine; the judges can still buzz and give opinions on the performance they view, but have little impact on the public's voting intention.

Once the public vote has been completed, once all finalists have performed, and the votes verified and counted, the hosts announce who is placed as the top two acts of the vote, before revealing the winner who received the most votes from the public.

Finalists who win receive a cash prize, and a place in the Royal Variety Performance later that year. For the show's scheduling, the live episodes are usually arranged to take place over the course of a week — semi-finals for each weekday, and the live final aired on the Sunday of the weekend.

With the exception of the first two series, the broadcast schedule of live rounds is conducted over two episodes for each — the first focuses on performances, and includes montage clips regarding each participant's background; while the second focuses on the results of the public vote, and, for the semi-finals, the vote by judges, and often include a guest performance taking place prior to the announcement of the results.

Until the tenth series, live episodes were broadcast from The Fountain Studios in Wembley , the same site used for The X Factor , but following its closure in , [14] the show relocated its live episodes to Elstree Studios in , before moving to Hammersmith Apollo the following year.

For the first four series after the show began in June , the judging panel consisted of music executive and television producer Simon Cowell , television and West End star Amanda Holden , and newspaper editor and journalist Piers Morgan.

In , the producers made plans to alter the show's format to allow for a fourth judge when the third series was set to begin, with plans for Kelly Brook to be the new judge on the panel.

In , the panel saw its first major change, when Morgan revealed he was leaving the show to travel to America and begin filming of his new show.

When the series entered its live episodes, Cowell returned to oversee the acts as a fourth judge. Later that year, in October , both Hasselhoff and McIntyre declined to return for the sixth series, while Cowell announced he was returning full-time to the show.

On 2 January , the producers revealed its decision to adopt the use of a fourth judge for the programme's format, announcing that both Cowell and Holden would now be joined by David Walliams and Alesha Dixon for the sixth series, with the latter moving to the talent show after deciding to leave BBC 's Strictly Come Dancing.

As a result, the producers brought in actress and model Carmen Electra as a guest judge until she recovered. In the tenth series in , Cowell was late for an audition, and was temporarily replaced by Walliams' mother Kathleen, who was in attendance that day.

In August , Cowell was forced to be absent from the live rounds following an accident that left him recovering from a back injury, and will be replaced in these episodes by Ashley Banjo.

The first series was aired during , between 9—17 June. Auditions for this series took place within the cities of Manchester , Birmingham , London and Cardiff , between January and February earlier that year.

The series was won by opera singer Paul Potts ; the results of the other finalists were not announced. The second series was aired during , between 12 April to 31 May, and featured notable differences.

Not only did the series run for much longer, auditions took place in Blackpool and Glasgow , the latter following complaints that Scotland hadn't been visited during the previous series, along with Manchester, Birmingham, London and Cardiff.

In addition, the show had five live semi-finals, featuring a total of 40 semi-finalists. The series was won by street-dancer George Sampson , with dual dance group Signature coming in second, and singer Andrew Johnston placing third.

The third series was aired during , between 11 April to 30 May, with auditions held in the same five cities as before. Initially, the producers intended to change the format by including a fourth judge on the panel, but this was later dropped a few days after auditions began.

The series was won by dance troupe Diversity , with singer Susan Boyle coming in second, and saxophonist Julian Smith placing third. It is the highest watched series in the history of Britain's Got Talent , attracting an average of over The fourth series was aired during , between 17 April to 5 June; a single episode of this series, intended for airing on 22 May, was pushed back to 23 May, in order to avoid it clashing with live coverage of the UEFA Champions League Final that year.

The auditions were once more held across the same five cities as before, though the series also held auditions with Newcastle upon Tyne ; the city had been originally planned to hold auditions for the previous series, but these were cancelled before this could happen.

Owing to illness, Cowell was unable to attend the Birmingham auditions, which led to Louis Walsh being in brought in as a guest judge for these.

The fifth series was aired during , between 16 April to 4 June, and was the first to be broadcast completely in high-definition ; like before, a single episode intended for airing on 28 May, was pushed back to 29 May, to avoid it clashing with live coverage of the UEFA Champions League Final that year.

Auditions took place across the same five cities, though also included Liverpool. This series saw a change in the judging panel, following Piers Morgan ' s departure from the show, [ citation needed ] with Holden joined by David Hasselhoff and Michael McIntyre during the auditions; Cowell appeared during the live episodes of the series with the rest of the panel, [26] [27] while Louis Walsh returned as a guest judge for the London auditions when Hasselhoff couldn't attend due to other commitments at the time.

The sixth series was aired during , between 24 March and 12 May. The show also increased the number of semi-finalist for the semi-finals to 45, with nine acts per semi-final, and the number of judges for the entire contest to 4; the previous series also featured four judges, albeit for the live episodes only.

In addition, the show attempted to bring in a new way of voting for the semi-finals via a mobile app, but this was suspended for the series after it suffered technical problems during the first live semi-final.

This series featured an open audition in London, along with inviting other acts to audition via YouTube , before holding Judges' Auditions within Birmingham, London, Manchester and Cardiff, Blackpool and Edinburgh.

As both McIntyre and Hasselhoff announced in late they wouldn't be returning, [23] the show announced on 2 January that they would be replaced by David Walliams and Alesha Dixon , [29] and join both Holden and Cowell for the new series, the latter having announced he would be returning as a full-time judge on the show.

The series was won by trainer and dog duo Ashleigh and Pudsey , with opera duo Jonathan and Charlotte coming in second, and Welsh boys choir Only Boys Aloud placing third.

The seventh series was aired during , between 13 April to 8 June; the show took a break on the 29 May, due to live football coverage of England 's friendly with the Republic of Ireland.

The eighth series aired during , between 12 April to 7 June. This series was the first to introduce the "Golden Buzzer", and for the first time since the first series, auditions were not held in Scotland, instead being held in Northern Ireland within Belfast, along with Cardiff, London, Birmingham and Manchester; Edinburgh joined these cities to hold open auditions in late , along with Blackpool and Brighton , with additional open auditions held in various local branches of Morrisons within "Talent Spot" tents, owing to the show's sponsorship deal with the supermarket chain at the time.

The ninth series was aired during , between 11 April to 31 May. This series saw the "Wildcard" feature updated; along with the judges being able to put forth an eliminated act from the semi-finals into the final referred to as the Judges' Wildcard , the show now also allowed the public to vote between the three most popular eliminated acts, with the one with the highest number of votes going forward into the final — this act is referred to as the Public Wildcard.

Audition took place within Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, and London, with the latter three cities holding open auditions in late along with Newcastle, Cardiff, Portsmouth , Leeds , Norwich , and Bristol.

The tenth series was aired during , between 9 April to 28 May. Auditions were held within Liverpool, Birmingham and London, with all three holding open auditions in late along with Cardiff, Glasgow, and Manchester.

It was the last series to hold live episodes within The Fountain Studios , before its closure at the end of the year. The series was won by magician Richard Jones , with singer Wayne Woodward coming in second, and dance group Boogie Storm placing third.

The eleventh series was aired during , between 15 April to 3 June; the final was originally planned for 4 June, but this was moved forward to avoid it clashing with the One Love Manchester benefit concert that day.

In addition, the live episodes were now broadcast from Elstree Studios , owing to the closure of the previous site. Auditions were held within Salford , Birmingham, London, and Blackpool, with the latter two cities holding open auditions in late , along with Peterborough, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Kingston upon Hull , Lincoln , Reading , Manchester and Luton.

The series was won by pianist Tokio Myers , with magician Issy Simpson coming second, and stand-up comedian Daliso Chaponda placing third.

The twelfth series was aired during , between 14 April to 3 June. Following the previous series, the Judges' vote was brought back into the show's format, while the live episodes were aired from Hammersmith Apollo and presented solely by Declan Donnelly; although Anthony McPartlin had stepped down from his TV commitments in March , he still appeared in the series' audition episodes, which had been filmed during January and February that year.

The thirteenth series was aired during , between 6 April to 2 June. Following his absence from the previous series' live episodes, Anthony McPartlin made his return to Britain's Got Talent this year.

Auditions were held across the same cities as before, including London and Manchester. This series saw three notable events — the withdrawal of an act from the live semi-finals, despite securing a place through their audition; the surprise return of a participant from a previous series' contest, operating under a veiled alias; and the contest being won by the oldest participant to take part.

The series was won by singer Colin Thackery, with mentalist Marc Spelmann under the stage name of "X" coming second, and magician Ben Hart placing third.

The fourteenth series is currently airing in two parts across , a decision taken by ITV in response to the Covid pandemic and the guidelines of the British government.

Footage for the audition episodes was pre-recorded before production on the series was suspended in March, with production staff opting to air audition episode for the first part aired between April and May.

Debates on when to air the live episodes took place across the Summer months, before it was decided that production on these would resume in Autumn, with the episodes airing between September and October.

Each series coincided with the broadcast of each series of Britain's Got Talent , with episodes airing after each episode of the main programme, and featuring regular appearances by Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly along with the judges for the respective year.

The format was based on those of former spin-off programmes such as The Xtra Factor the companion show of The X Factor , but with notable differences depending on what stage of the competition the spin-off was airing.

While the auditions stage was being broadcast, its sister show focused on highlights of acts that couldn't be shown on the main show, with Mulhern operating in a similar manner to the main show's hosts, though with interviews with participants before and after their performance.

During live episodes, the sister show conducted live "after-show" episodes, featuring interviews with the semi-finalists and eventual finalists, and talks with the judges.

The series also aired a set of compilation episodes featuring the best and worst auditions from that year's contest, titled Britain's Got Talent: Best and Worst.

The decision was made due to changes in viewing habits from the sister show's target audience. In , Simon Cowell opted to create a spin-off edition of the contest, following the success of the spin-off for America's Got Talent.

His plan was to produce a contest under the same subtitle and format as the American spin-off, focusing on bringing the best talent from across the Got Talent franchise, many from the British edition, to compete for a cash prize and the title of "World Champion" in the British public's opinion.

Both the contest and the production of the programme began in Spring of that year, with the spin-off's planned broadcast date announced in the series finale of Britain's Got Talent.

Ant and Dec have won the award for 'Most Popular Entertainment Presenters' at the same awards for nineteen consecutive years as of January Britain's Got Talent has also been nominated for two British Academy Television Awards in , but failed to win any awards.

In , it was a recipient of a Royal Television Society Programme Award for its technical achievements. The show was criticised by psychologist Glenn Wilson , who referred to it as a "freak show".

He stated that "[contestants'] deficiencies and shortcomings are as important as their talent. By Naman Ramachandran. He was He was in no pain and was surrounded by friends and family.

It is with our greatest regret that we have to tell you all that Ian has passed away today from severe pneumonia and multiple organ failure.

He put up a good fight but is in a better place now. Roxanne x. Our thoughts are with his beloved Roxy and all his family.

RIP Roycey. Funniest warm-up man in showbiz and a legend in the TV industry. Thanks for all the laughs mate.

He was extremely kind, loving and supportive to me and my girls. I will raise a glass tonight to this extraordinarily talented, kindhearted, loyal man.

Dunkin' Coffee Chat — Live Results 2. Cutest Dogs Ever?! Dunkin' Coffee Chat — Live Results 1. Adorable Pigs Galore!

Hilarity Ensues - America's Got Talent Hilarious Chicken Tells Funny Jokes! Eggcellent Puns Galore! Magician Consumed by Cards?! The Voice. World of Dance.

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Farmer continues to tour the country performing to sold-out audiences. America's Got Talent. Season 15 Season Cheer Team C.

Dunkin' Coffee Chat — Live Results 3. Dunkin' Spot the Runner Sweepstakes Winner. Dunkin' Coffee Chat — Live Results 2. Cutest Dogs Ever?! Dunkin' Coffee Chat — Live Results 1.

Adorable Pigs Galore! Hilarity Ensues - America's Got Talent Hilarious Chicken Tells Funny Jokes! Eggcellent Puns Galore!

Magician Consumed by Cards?! The Voice. Here are some of the amazing BGT stars who have sadly passed on.

Jack Saunders was a member of the dance troupe Green Force Five and sadly died in Speaking about her son taking his own life, Jack's mum said: "We don't know why he did it, he didn't leave a note.

He did not have depression. We are the same. I want people to know that this can happen to any family. I keep expecting him to walk past the window.

The year-old nurse had performed in the final of the talent show after her young son, Kavele, died from complications of sickle cell disease.

Her partner, Desmond Sylva, appeared in court at the Old Bailey on trial for murder, where the prosecution stated that Simonne didn't "stand a chance" against him after he attacked her with a knife.

Following the attack, Desmond was said to call the police himself, telling them: "Can I have police please? I've just committed a murder.

I'm ex-Army and I've got lots of mental health issues. Henry Hall died at the age of 86 in , two years after he placed fifth in the competition alongside his friend Malcolm Sykes, who together formed OAP singing duo The Pensionalities.

The singer passed away at his home in Doncaster in April, and his obituary read: "In both life and death, Henry definitely did it 'his way!

He lived an extraordinary life and was known to a great many people as H from Cusworth's Motorcycles and latterly half of The Pensionalities from Britain's Got Talent.

He was loved by many, forgotten by none and will be greatly missed by all. Sadly, Norma died in from a heart attack and kidney failure following a long illness.

Norma impressed the judges on the show, even making it through to boot camp before being eliminated from the competition. Speaking about her mother's death last year, Norma's daughter Amanda Clarke told BirminghamLive : "She was just an incredible mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

She was such a character and many people remembered her for her appearance as a rapper on Britain's Got Talent.

That's how she was always thinking of others.

The seventh series was aired duringbetween 13 April to Animial Jam June; the Online Produkttester took a break on the 29 May, due to Bayern Vs Mainz football coverage of England 's friendly with the Republic of Ireland. Main article: Britain's Got Talent series 9. For assistance, contact your corporate administrator. Initially, the producers intended to change the format by including a fourth judge on the panel, but this was later dropped a few days after auditions began. When the series entered its live episodes, Cowell returned to oversee the acts as a fourth judge. Fashion News Celebrity style Royal style Hello!

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